Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should we choose the "Day in the Life Session"?

While there is nothing wrong with a posed family portrait, I believe that the best way to capture your true selves as a family (particularly children) is to be free from being directed and posed by a photographer. My "Day in the Life Session" is completely documentary in its approach. This means that the goal is to capture a day in your life exactly as it is without any interference or direction from me. I believe that this kind of photography suits family photos best. Children find it difficult to sit still because it's boring! And parents end up stressed out because the young ones don't cooperate for a "picture perfect" shot. I find that that these moments of chaos are the most fascinating (and joyful when you look back on them). So I will capture them anyway, "perfect" or not.

How does the "Day in the Life Session" work?

The minimum time commitment for a "Day in the Life Session" is 6-8 hours of your day. It takes time to compose and capture the perfect moment, and for you to become accustomed to my presence we need to allow this much time. I will immerse myself in your world for a day. I will interact with you and your children but my main job is to be an observer and learn to anticipate particular moments and be ready with my camera to capture great images. All you need to do is be yourselves. Go about your day as if I wasn't there. You don't need to dress up your children or style your home for the shoot. The session will take place in your home and wherever your day takes you - I will follow you to the shops, the park, in the garden, the bookshop, a café or a trip to the zoo. It will be fun!

Do you still take posed family photos on the day?

There will be moments in the day when I'm interacting with you and your children and I will take a quick portrait or two. If possible, I will also take a group shot of you and your kids in a cuddle together on the couch or lying on the grass. This is the most "posing" that we'll do on the day and may still depend if the moment is right and your young ones are happy to do it. And we don't have to do any posed photos at all if you specifically don't want any.

How many photos do we receive? And can we print from these?

For the "Day in the Life Session" you will receive a minimum of 200 high-resolution print-ready photos on USB. For the "Family Portrait Session", it will be a minimum of 50 print-ready photos, yours to keep and print from.

Do you travel interstate?

Yes I do. I'm based in Melbourne and happy to travel anywhere in Australia.

What is the fine art photo book?

The fine art photo book is a beautiful keepsake that will preserve your memories for generations. It's an 8x8" size bound album that starts with 10 spreads (20 pages). Your photos are printed using a traditional wet chemical process that utilises silver halide light-sensitive lustre paper. The beauty of this process is the prints feel like old fashioned photographs, and they are very durable. It is designed to showcase your family in a stunning volume to be enjoyed now and into the future.

Does my home need to be tidy?

No it doesn't. But this is totally up to you. It's not a requirement because I look for light, composition and human moments.

How soon do we get the photos?

Allow a minimum turnaround time of 4 weeks. If your collection includes the fine art photo book, allow 8-10 weeks to have the book in your hands.

Can we order prints through you?

Yes you can. When your photos are ready, you'll receive a password-protected gallery to view your photos. The gallery has a store where you can place an order for prints. Framed and canvas prints are also available. Please request a full price list.

We are so keen to invest in this, but money is a little tight. Can we arrange a payment plan?

Yes you can, in fact I encourage it. To book the date, a 20% retainer is required, then you can pay in monthly or weekly instalments. The session fee must be paid in full before the session date.

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